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Lasting Powers of Attorney

Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA) are more popular than ever often due to people becoming worried about mental incapacity as a result of old age. But they are also powerful documents if ever you suffer an accident and are confined to a hospital bed or a residential nursing home, or if you are left permanently incapacitated following a more serious accident.

Without putting in writing what you would like to happen in these unfortunate situations, the only way a person can manage your affairs is by seeking an Order of the Court of Protection for the appointment of a Deputy.

Whilst nobody likes to think of a time when we can no longer make decisions regarding our finances or our health and welfare, it is reassuring for everyone to know that, should that time arise, you have a Lasting Power of Attorney in place to ensure that life does not become any harder than it needs to be for everyone involved.

It is important to appoint a person that you trust as your Power of Attorney as they will need to make decisions about your property, finances, and health. It ensures that whatever happens in the future those important decisions can be made with the least amount of fuss and you and your affairs can be properly looked after.

Our costs are:

  • Basic Mirror Will Couples - £280.00
  • LPA Financial - £210.00
  • LPA Mirror Couples - £320.00
  • LPA Health - £210.00
  • LPA Mirror Couples - £320.00
  • LPA Both - £320.00
  • LPA Mirror Couples - £640.00
  • Court fees per LPA - £82.00

If your income is below £12,000 or you receive income related benefits, then the court fees will either be reduced by half or reduced to £0.

LPA – Financial Decisions

This concerns all decisions relating to any bank accounts, benefits, savings, tax, investments, household bills, credit cards, paying for care, and running/selling your house, etc.

LPA – Health and Care Decisions

This concerns all decisions relating to your type and level of medical treatment, where you might live, where you might holiday, what you might eat, your future care at home or in residential care, and any life-sustaining treatment.

Good Will Writing Ltd will guide you through the process of making and registering your LPAs. After a full consultation, we will draft your personal document and ensure it is signed and witnessed correctly before registering it with the Office of Public Guardian.