For your Peace of Mind

Will Writing

Making a Will is one of the most important legal documents that you can make, yet so many people choose not to write one. However, without a Will, your assets will be divided according to the law, which is unlikely to meet your wishes.

A correctly written Will is a powerful document so don’t be put off from making one when we are here to help you through the process. We will help you decide which of the following Wills suits your situation best:

  • A single Will for an individual.
  • Mirror Wills, where a couple makes Wills that are broadly similar, for example, leaving the majority of the estate to the surviving partner and, thereafter, to their children in equal shares.
  • Wills for more complex families, where there is a combination of provision for a new partner, but also protected provision for children from a previous relationship.
  • Wills containing Trusts, either creating fixed interests for specified beneficiaries, or being discretionary for a group of potential beneficiaries.
  • Wills can also contain funeral wishes.

Good Will Writing Ltd will complete a comprehensive questionnaire and give advice on the options available to you. Your personal Will is then drafted which will record your wishes in a way that provides for the future welfare and financial security of your family. Finally, we ensure that the Will is a valid and legal document.

Our costs are:

  • Basic Single Will - £170.00
  • Basic Mirror Will Couples - £280.00

We will also help you decide who is best to act on your behalf in the following roles: 

  • Executors – will take care of the practical things when you die.
  • Trustees – will be required in certain situations.
  • Funeral wishes – You should consider whether you want to be buried or cremated or have this decision left to the discretion of your executors.
  • Guardians – for your children under 18 years, it is usual to nominate someone to look after those children.
  • Business – If you have a business or partnership, what would happen to the running of this? You can state who is to take control and ownership, otherwise, your business could stop trading completely.
  • Property – How you hold your property will determine how it is dealt with on your death. As ‘Joint Tenants’, your share will pass to the survivor automatically. If you wish to pass your ‘interest’ in the property to your children or others, you should hold your property as ‘Tenants in Common’.
  • Charities – leaving a gift to a charity of your choice.